Dissemination of research findings (C-101624)

25 March 2022
Volume 23, Issue 1

This article guides optometrists in practice-based research, considering the process surrounding dissemination of research findings.

Domains covered

Clinical practice Leadership & accountability Specialty contact lens opticians Specialty CPD (IP)

This is the second of two papers providing optometrists with guidance on dissemination of practice-based research findings. Dissemination of research is an important step towards knowledge translation and evidence-based practice. Planning is key at all stages, with a dissemination strategy at project inception. Research findings are mostly disseminated at conference presentations (posters or talks) and through journal publications. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and these should be considered during the planning. Publication of research in peer-reviewed journals enables research findings to be permanently and widely available, though it is important for researchers to identify the key messages from the research findings depending on the targeted audiences.

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