Complete issue, OiP, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2004, various authors

3 May 2004
Volume 05, Issue 2

This edition of Optometry in Practice (OIP) includes articles on visual acuity, managing keratoconus in practice, pre-reg induction, spectacle frame design and refractive correction in Royal Airforce aircrew.


Articles: 1) Visual Acuity (by AJ Jackson and IL Bailey). 2) Managing Keratoconus in optometric practice (by Cindy Tromans). 3) Pre-Reg Induction; A Flying Start (by Gill Robinson). 4) Some Ever-Present Themes in Spectacle Frame Design (by N Handley). 5) Survey of Refractive Correction in Royal Airforce Aircrew (by P Shaw, RA Scott, B Mustaq, WA Coker).

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