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Online IP peer review 16 July 2024

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Virtual session
Domains covered
Professionalism Leadership & accountability Specialty CPD (IP)

About the event

This online dedicated therapeutics peer review session is open to College members who are qualified independent prescribers or studying for an IP qualification. The session will cover your GOC peer review requirement and is worth three interactive CPD points.

At this online session, you will join a large group for an introduction and then participate in a small, virtual group to review three cases.

The introduction session will be conducted by a lead facilitator and each small group will be led by an experienced facilitator. The cases are bandage contact lens fitting, acute painful red eye, painful red eye in a patient with keratoconus.

The content of this session is a repeat of those on 13 December 2023 and 15 February 2024. 

If you have added yourself to a waiting list, please ensure you remove yourself from it if you end up attending the event on another date.

Learning outcomes


s.11 Protect and safeguard patients, colleagues and others from harm

  • Know the importance of ensuring that a bandage contact lens has been fitted appropriately, and that the normal safeguards for contact lens supply still apply.

s.19 Be candid when things have gone wrong

  • Know the importance of being open and honest with patients when things have not been managed well and develop processes to ensure lessons are learned and implemented.

Leadership & accountability

s.8 Maintain adequate patient records

  • Know what constitutes an adequate record when a patient attends for an emergency or needs based examination.
  • Understand the consequences of incomplete or non-contemporaneous patient records for all patient visits.

Specialty CPD - AS/SP/IP optometrist

  • Able to consider the differential diagnoses for microbial keratitis, corneal hydrops and recurrent epithelial erosion and understand the treatment options for management of the patients’ presenting signs and symptoms.
  • Know the prescribing and non-prescribing management options and when to apply them for a patient that presents with signs of microbial keratitis, corneal hydrops or recurrent epithelial erosion.

This event is open to fully-qualified College members who have pre-booked. We expect there to be a waiting list, so please let us know if you can no longer attend, so a space can be given to somebody else. 

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