IP qualification FAQs

We answer some of our most frequently asked independent prescribing qualification questions, below.

To use the IP logbook you need to register to use the new assessment area of the College website (some of you will have done this already). After registration, you will be sent an activation link so please follow the instructions in the email. Please also ensure you register using the same email you have accessed the College website with previously or this will result in duplicate accounts which will mean you cannot see past records from your account.

Your mentor(s) will also need to register for the website to sign off your logbook sessions. They need to follow the same process as above, but will not need a GOC number. It is also important that they only use one email address for website access, and that this matches the one used when you selected them as a mentor.

No. You mentor does not need a GOC number to create and account, please just bypass this in the registration process.

This may be down to there being a duplicate record for your mentor(s). Please email exams@college-optometrists.org with your mentor(s) name and email address so we can find the correct record and provide access to the system.

Once you have met all 24 session requirements your log book should be available for your mentor to sign off. If you are having any problems with this, please email exams@college-optometrists.org

The Final Assessment will take place on 21 March, booking is now open via the 'Independent Prescribing' tile/button in your My College area. In order to book the exam you must ensure you logbook is complete and you have no outstanding invoices in your My College area (you can view these by logging in and clicking on the grey ‘Invoices’ tile/button). If you think you have been assigned an invoice incorrectly please email exams@college-optometrists.org.

We have been resetting any sessions that have not reached mentors. If your mentor has still not received your session please contact exams@college-optometrists.org

We are sorry this has happened and are working with the web developer to re-instate the small number of people this has happened to. 

You may be experiencing issues with recording sessions that took place in 2021 on the new online logbook. We expect to have solutions for these in the near future. In the meantime, we recommend documenting sessions that you are unable to record online in the paper logbook. We will advise on the process for uploading these when the system is fully functional.  

Early issues with adding mentors to the system have now been fixed and you should now be able to submit sessions to your mentor and add in any additional mentors. If you are experiencing any new issues with this functionality, please email exams@college-optometrists.org.

If you still have questions about the independent prescribing qualification, please get in touch with us.