The IP logbook

You must maintain a logbook of practice evidence to verify that learning outcomes have been achieved. College members can view their IP logbook within their My College area of the website.


How to get access the online IP logbook

College members and their mentors have the benefit of being able to use an online IP logbook. To access the logbook:

  • Register on the College website
  • Ensure you register using the same email address you have used to correspond with us previously or this will result in duplicate records and you will not be able to see your account history
  • Mentors do not need to add a GOC number and their email address should match the one you used to select them as a mentor
  • After registration, you will be emailed an activation link - please follow instructions on the email.

If you are not a College member, you can only use the paper version of the logbook below:

You will have to submit your logbook to enter the final examination. The College will carry out an administrative review of your logbook to ensure you have covered a range of conditions in your clinical placement, completed the logbook in sufficient detail and completed the requisite number of sessions.  

Once complete, the paper logbook should be emailed along with your examination application form, available below, to We recommend that you keep a scanned copy of your paper logbook for your records.

Examination fee

You will receive an invoice within the 'Invoices' section of your My College area, once you have applied for the exam. You must pay this to confirm your place on the exam sitting.