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The College is here to support all optometrists - from your first day at university, to qualification and through to the highest levels of professional achievement. Make sure you make the most of the your membership.

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Your student member benefits

Undergraduate students receive FREE associate membership of the College and a range of member benefits.


We have put together a list of some of the major sources of financial help for optometry students in the UK. You could also contact your own university or local education authority for advice.

Student reps

Each university has two College representatives who will pass on news and requests to fellow students and pass back your comments and ideas to the College.

Student rep blogs

College student reps know what life is like for an optometry undergraduate and have plenty of advice, tips and opinions to share.

Book and magazine discounts

As a College member, you can save money on optometry books and magazines. Simply log in for your discount codes.

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