College student reps

Our student reps are the point of contact between the College and our student members. We rely on them to share our news with you, and to share your news, ideas and questions with us.

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There are two College reps on each of the optometry degree courses in the UK, recruited from the second year (third year at Glasgow Caledonian). 

College reps are here for you for anything to do with the College. They can help you understand your free member benefits, and keep you updated on all the relevant College news and events through their Facebook updates. Make sure you read their blogs on the reality of life as an optometry student. They provide useful tips and advice on how to survive exams, workload and other challenges, as well as making the most of your opportunities. College reps also make sure that you can have a say on our activities by passing on your feedback, questions and ideas.

Your College reps

Any questions, ideas, feedback? Get in touch with your reps:

  • Anglia Ruskin University - Caitlin Walsh and Cassandra Whelan.
  • Aston University - Zahra Iqbal and Simranjeet Singh Uppal.
  • The University of Bradford - Sohail Ramzan and Haleema Ali.
  • Cardiff University - Kirsten Wilson and Viktorija Valicka.
  • City, University of London  - Andrew Geris and Brooke Hutchins.
  • Glasgow Caledonian University - Euan Brown and Emma Dow.
  • University of Hertfordshire - Suzan Kisin.
  • The University of Manchester - Saabrien Ahmed.
  • Portsmouth University - Raven Sinnathamby.
  • Plymouth University - Geoff Filmore and Amara Khan.
  • Ulster University - Andrew Coates and Catherine McGuckin.


A great opportunity to meet new people - and it looks great on your CV too.

Annabelle Gorham College student Rep 2017, Cardiff University