Welcome to Optometry: Freshers 2020

Welcome to all new optometry students starting their journey. Optometry is a rewarding, evolving and diverse profession, and we're here to support and champion you throughout.

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Below are some welcome blogs and advice from our current student reps. Watch this space for more blogs and videos to help support the start of your journey. And don't forget to join us on Instagram for the latest resources, quizzes and giveaways.


‘Don’t let fear stop you!’ Kobytha Kobynathsingh on her first year at The University of Manchester

Second year University of Manchester student Kobytha remembers the challenges of first year, and gives her advice to optometry freshers.

‘Don’t hesitate, just do it!’ Aisha Rooble on her first week at Aston University

Third year student, Aisha Rooble, looks back at her first days at Aston University and encourages new students to get involved and try new things.

The first days of my optometry degree – Nkosi Yearwood

Third year student Nkosi Yearwood reflects on the first week of his optometry degree at Cardiff University, and gives his advice to new starters.

Looking back at my first week - Rashida Makda

Early Career Council Rep and recent graduate, Rashida Makda, reflects on the how far she’s come since the first days of her optometry degree at Aston University and gives her advice to freshers.

'Making a fresh start' - Lise Peray-Christensen on her first year at ARU

Third year student Lise Peray-Christensen looks back on the first year of her optometry degree at ARU after working as a dispensing optician.