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Record patient encounters in your logbook. 

The summary page gives you an at-a-glance record of your patient encounters, and you can use your logbook to discuss your progress with your supervisor and assessor, including achievements and areas in for improvement. You will need to share the most up-to-date version of your logbook with your assessor at each assessment visit.

You must use the electronic logbook below. 

You will also need to maintain a reflective learning portfolio.

Trainees who are qualified dispensing opticians or contact lens opticians

At the moment, dispensing opticians and contact lens opticians must provide evidence of all 520 patient encounters, as this is a GOC requirement. The minimum and maximum numbers in each category and characteristic also apply. 

We are pursuing a change to this requirement with the GOC, so that registered DOs and CLOs are exempt from having to demonstrate fulfilment of the full dispensing and contact lens patient encounter requirements. We hope that the GOC will recognise DO and CLO practice on the Scheme as soon as possible.  

We will update this page when we can provide an update. In the meantime, trainees who are qualified DOs or CLOs should focus on achieving the other patient encounter categories and characteristics.