Trainee logbook

Your logbook should be kept up-to-date throughout your time on the Scheme. The logbook allows you to keep track of your patient encounters.

Download the logbook

Important: Before using your logbook, read the information on Logging your patient encounters.

How to use your logbook

Please watch the video below which shows you how to fill in your logbook and how to be organised throughout your pre-reg period.

Please note, you must use Excel for your logbook to ensure all aspects and formulas work. If you don't have access to Excel you can register with Microsoft to use the programme for free via a web browser.

The appearance of the logbook may vary from the one shown in the video below.

In this section

Logging patient encounters provides evidence of patients you see, and ensures that you develop the skills needed to enable you to practise safely and effectively when you qualify.

Guidance on how to maintain a reflective learning portfolio of your patient encounters - an essential part of your time on the Scheme.