Appropriate supervision whilst completing the Scheme for Registration is crucial to trainees progressing as well as ensuring the safety of the public. It is the trainee's responsibility to ensure they have appropriate supervision arrangements in place at all times.

In this section

Our flexible new system for supervising trainees addresses the changes in practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring trainees, supervisor and patient safety.

Information for pre-reg trainees on changing or adding a new supervisor, and moving to a new practice.

Essential learning courses for those supervising or wishing to supervise pre-registration trainees on the Scheme for Registration.

Find out about the process of how to apply for the pre-registration supervisor training grant.

All the documents you need for managing your supervision on the Scheme for Registration.

Advertise your pre-reg placement

Supervisors can advertise their pre-reg vacancy on our jobs board free of charge, reaching hundreds of candidates.