The College is a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter in 1995. We are governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by our College Council which is, in turn, elected by our members.

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The Board of Trustees

Our Board works with the Chief Executive to set the College’s strategy, establishes and manages our policies and ensures that we meet our financial and legal responsibilities.

College Council

There are 35 regionally elected members of Council representing members working in a range of settings in all areas of the UK. In this section you will find details of your local Council members and how to contact them.

Presidents of the BOA and The College of Optometrists

A list of Presidents of the British Optical Association (BOA) and College of Optometrists spanning from 1895 to present day.

College Committees

Our Committees are made up of a representative cross-section of Council members and play a key role in developing College policy.

College Reference Groups

Our reference groups represent patients and optometrists. They are a useful sounding board for the College and their feedback, ideas and questions play an essential part in shaping our work.


We have adopted the Charity Governance Code. The Code sets the principles and recommended practice for good governance, and promotes a culture where everything works towards fulfilling the College’s vision.