We are committed to working with commissioners, clinicians and patients across the health sector to improve eye health services across the UK.

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Through our policy work, we champion the value of optometrists in delivering eye care, and provide an independent, authoritative voice in debates that will shape the sector. 

  • Our policies will set out our view about what should happen or change.
  • Any policy we make will be supported by evidence, be consistent with our clinical guidance and shaped by our members’ expertise.
  • We work with others in the eye health sector to improve eye care across the UK.
  • Public affairs is the means through which we present our policies to politicians, policy makers and the profession.

Policy projects

Myopia management

Myopia prevalence in children in the UK has doubled in 50 years. There is a pressing need to understand how myopia develops and to find innovative solutions to prevent or slow its progression.

The optical professions: what does the future hold?

Advances in technology, changing demographics of the profession, and an ageing population could have a profound effect on how optometry is delivered over the coming years.

Vision and falls

The College is committed to reducing vision-related falls. By working with UK falls services we can identify and support patients with failing vision. There are plenty of opportunities for members to get involved.

See the gap - health inequalities

Our report summarises current evidence about uncorrected refractive error in deprived areas and its association with patient access to eye care services, and makes a number of practical recommendations.

Professionalism in optometry

The College has carried out an in-depth analysis of professionalism in optometric training and continuing professional development, which has resulted in a number of key recommendations.

Better data, better care

This report aims to stimulate debate on improving public eye health.


Working for the profession

Consultation responses

The College regularly responds to consultations from both sector and government organisations.

Position statements

The College publishes position statements on various issues that affect our members and the optometry sector at large.