Fellowship (FCOptom) is the College’s highest award. It is an acknowledgement of commitment to the profession, experience and accomplishments.

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Each year, the College recognises exceptional individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of their profession through the awarding of Life or Honorary Fellowship of the College. Candidates are nominated by their peers or others working with the eye health care profession and the awards are presented at the College’s annual Diploma Ceremony.

Calls for nominations are made in March and April each year through the member enews, and the nomination form will be available here on the College website. For more information email catherine.moloney@college-optometrists.org.

  • Life Fellowships are awarded to members of the College in good standing, with a history of membership of the College and who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the profession of optometry or to the College.
  • Honorary Fellowships are awarded to people who are not eligible for College membership but have demonstrated clear evidence of a real and important contribution to the profession of optometry. 


Life and Honorary Fellowships have been awarded to the following:

  • Mr David Alexander FCOptom
  • Professor Roger Anderson FCOptom
  • Mr Nick Astbury FCOptom
  • Mr Frank Barraclough FCOptom
  • Mr Michael Bateman FCOptom
  • Professor Jan Bergmanson FCOptom
  • Mrs Jennifer Birch FCOptom
  • Mrs Angela Bishop FCOptom
  • Lady Betty Boothroyd FCOptom
  • Mr Mike Brace FCOptom
  • Mrs Ruth Brough FCOptom
  • Mr Richard Broughton FCOptom
  • Professor Roger Buckley FCOptom
  • Dr Wolfgang Cagnolati FCOptom
  • Mr Donald Cameron FCOptom
  • Dr Robert Chappell OBE FCOptom
  • Professor W Charman FCOptom
  • Dr Philip Cole OBE FCOptom
  • Mr Tom Collingridge FCOptom
  • Mr Peter Cowan FCOptom
  • Professor Jennifer Craig FCOptom
  • Professor J Cronly-Dillon FCOptom
  • Professor Anthony Cullen FCOptom
  • Mr Harris Daile FCOptom
  • Professor Stephen J Dain FCOptom
  • Professor Bertil Damato FCOptom
  • Mr Anthony Di Stefano FCOptom
  • Professor Christine Dickinson FCOptom
  • Professor Neville Drasdo FCOptom
  • Professor Harminder Dua FCOptom
  • Mr Richard Earlam FCOptom
  • Professor David Edgar FCOptom
  • Professor David Elliott FCOptom 
  • Mr Brian Ellis MBE FCOptom
  • Professor John Flanagan FCOptom
  • Dr Colin Fowler FCOptom
  • Professor John L Francis FCOptom
  • Professor J P Frisby FCOptom
  • Mrs Tone Garaas-Maurdalen FCOptom
  • Professor David Gartry FCOptom
  • Professor Bernard Gilmartin FCOptom
  • Mr Fred Giltrow-Tyler FCOptom
  • Mr Malcolm Gray FCOptom
  • Dr Feike Grit FCOptom
  • Professor Robert Harper FCOptom
  • Mr John Hart FCOptom
  • Mr Philip Heal FCOptom
  • Mr David Heath MP FCOptom
  • Professor David Henson FCOptom
  • Professor Brien Holden FCOptom
  • Mr G Burtt Holmes FCOptom
  • Mr Peter Hong FCOptom
  • Professor Mohammed Jalie FCOptom
  • Lord Jenkin of Roding FCOptom
  • Professor Peng Tee Khaw FCOptom
  • Mr Richard Keeler FCOptom
  • Dame Jill Knight DBE FCOptom
  • Professor John Lawrenson FCOptom
  • Mrs Anita Lightstone FCOptom
  • Mr Richard Llewellyn FCOptom
  • Mr Donald Loran FCOptom
  • Lord Low of Dalston CBE FCOptom
  • Dr John Adrian Macdonald Jennings FCOptom
  • Professor Caroline MacEwen FCOptom
  • Professor Ron Mallett FCOptom
  • Professor John Marshall FCOptom
  • Miss Elizabeth McClure FCOptom
  • Professor George Miller MBE FCOptom
  • Professor Michel Millodot FCOptom
  • Ms Gwyneth Morgan FCOptom
  • Miss Judith Morris FCOptom
  • Mr Frank Munro FCOptom
  • Professor Kovin Naidoo FCOptom
  • Mrs Wendy Newsom FCOptom
  • Professor Rachel North FCOptom
  • Mr Frank Norville FCOptom
  • Professor Daniel O'Leary FCOptom
  • Mrs Bryony Pawinska FCOptom
  • Mr Francis John Petticrew FCOptom
  • Dr Jonathan Pointer FCOptom
  • Mr Kenneth Pullum FCOptom
  • Mr Ronald Rabbetts FCOptom
  • Mr Michael Redican FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew Riley FCOptom
  • Mr Geoff Roberson FCOptom
  • Mr Richard Roberts OBE FCOptom
  • Mr Melvyn Roffe FCOptom
  • Professor Gary Rubin FCOptom
  • Professor Martin Rubinstein FCOptom
  • Mr James Russell Hon FCOptom
  • Professor Kathryn Saunders FCOptom 
  • Professor John Sparrow FCOptom
  • Miss Fiona Spencer FCOptom
  • Ms Helen Stanforth FCOptom
  • Professor Fiona Stapleton FCOptom 
  • Mr David Stidwill FCOptom
  • Miss Janet Stone FCOptom
  • Miss Elaine Styles FCOptom
  • Professor Deborah Sweeney FCOptom
  • Professor Brian Tighe FCOptom
  • Mr John Thompson FCOptom
  • Professor David Thomson FCOptom
  • Dr Bridget Towle FCOptom
  • Dr Cindy Tromans FCOptom 
  • Mrs Rosie Varley FCOptom
  • Mr Steve Vernon FCOptom
  • Dr Norman Wallis FCOptom
  • Mr Trevor Warburton FCOptom
  • Professor Arnold Wilkins FCOptom
  • Dr Michael Wolffe FCOptom
  • Professor George Woo FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew Yorke FCOptom

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Fellowship by portfolio

Fellowship by portfolio is a flexible way of achieving Fellowship based on achievements in the workplace as well as success in examinations. Fellows of the College are entitled to use the affix FCOptom in recognition of their commitment to their own professional development or their support of others' CPD, as well as their commitment to high-quality eye care.

If you have been a member of the College for more than five years you can apply for a Fellowship by portfolio. You can nominate yourself in one or more of six categories:

  • clinical practice
  • the provision of visual or wider healthcare
  • optometric research
  • optometric education
  • the management of visual healthcare
  • higher qualifications in vision science.

Then submit a portfolio of evidence covering a wide range of practice demonstrating how your accomplishments, including any examination success, in the chosen categories have benefited the practice of optometry, as well as your practice. You will also need a referee to support your nomination and provide your own supporting statement for each category chosen. A panel of assesors will meet to discuss your portfolio and, if they approve it, you will receive your Certificate during the following annual Diploma Ceremony - one of the highlights of the College year.

Please read through the guidance and the other key documents below, before you complete the necessary application forms. The process is straightforward and can be completed within three months. However, you can progress at a pace that suits you.  

For more information or to submit your registration form, email fellowship.help@college-optometrists.org.

Key documents

View a list of current Fellows by Examination and Portfolio

  • Mr Irfan Mikail Ahmed FCOptom
  • Professor Peter Allen FCOptom
  • Mr Richard James Allen FCOptom
  • Professor Roger Anderson FCOptom
  • Mr Pradeep Kumar Bahri FCOptom
  • Dr Stefan Bandlitz FCOptom
  • Mr Nik Banurji FCOptom
  • Mr David Berkow FCOptom
  • Dr Susan Blakeney FCOptom
  • Dr Dirk Booysen FCOptom
  • Mr Andy Britton FCOptom
  • Dr Salvator Camilleri FCOptom
  • Mr Matthew Chan FCOptom
  • Dr De Gaulle Igbodiegwu Chigbu FCOptom
  • Dr Adrian Chorley FCOptom
  • Mrs Caroline Louise Christie FCOptom
  • Mr Colin Davidson FCOptom
  • Professor Leon Davies FCOptom
  • Mr Christian Dutton FCOptom
  • Dr Frank Eperjesi FCOptom
  • Professor Bruce John William Evans FCOptom
  • Dr Peter Frampton FCOptom
  • Mr Gavin Galloway FCOptom
  • Mr Peter Charles Garwood FCOptom
  • Professor Alexander Gentle FCOptom
  • Dr George Anthony Gibson FCOptom
  • Dr John Gurney FCOptom
  • Mr Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom
  • Dr Deacon Harle FCOptom
  • Mrs Sophie Jane Harper FCOptom
  • Dr Michelle Hennelly FCOptom
  • Mr Michael Horler FCOptom
  • Miss Heather Deborah Jameson FCOptom
  • Dr Saleel Jivraj FCOptom
  • Dr Michael Edward Johnson FCOptom
  • Mrs Deborah Annette Jones FCOptom
  • Dr Lyndon William James Jones FCOptom
  • Mr Rakesh Kapoor FCOptom
  • Mrs Jane Helen Kempton FCOptom
  • Mr Robert Keys FCOptom
  • Dr Keziah Latham FCOptom
  • Mr Alexander Levit FCOptom
  • Mr Robert Michael Trevor Linsky FCOptom
  • Mrs Rupal Lovell-Patel FCOptom
  • Dr Scott Mackie FCOptom
  • Miss Jane Macnaughton FCOptom
  • Dr Ganeshbabu Thiruchengode Mahalingam FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew Charles Matheson FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew Millington FCOptom
  • Dr Andrew James Morgan FCOptom
  • Professor Paul Murphy FCOptom 
  • Dr Joy Myint FCOptom
  • Dr Shehzad Naroo FCOptom
  • Dr Yvonne Norgett FCOptom
  • Mr Martin O'Brien FCOptom
  • Mr Michael O’Kane FCOptom
  • Dr Keyur Patel FCOptom
  • Mrs Hazel Gillian Pearson FCOptom
  • Dr Catherine Porter FCOptom
  • Mr Ceri Probert FCOptom
  • Mr Russell John Ramsden FCOptom
  • Professor Nicholas James Rumney FCOptom
  • Professor Kathryn Saunders FCOptom
  • Mr Ahmed Sivardeen FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew John Elder Smith FCOptom
  • Miss Karen Sparrow FCOptom
  • Mr Christopher Frank Steele FCOptom
  • Dr Ahalya Subramanian FCOptom
  • Mr John Graham Tickner FCOptom
  • Mr Michael Timlin FCOptom
  • Mr Trevor Warburton FCOptom
  • Mrs Barbara Joan Watson FCOptom
  • Ms Lynne Alison Weddell FCOptom
  • Mrs Alison Janet Weston FCOptom
  • Mrs Una Whitcombe FCOptom
  • Mr Don Williams FCOptom 
  • Mr David Wilson FCOptom
  • Professor James Wolffsohn FCOptom

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A Fellow of the College is recognised as an optometrist of higher standing and, being a long standing member of the College, I have always wanted to upgrade my status. Now I am proud to say I am an FCOptom.

David Berkow FCOptom