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AMD Falls Glaucoma Medical retina Public health
Children Falls Independent prescribing Public health
Falls Public health
AMD Falls Low vision
21 June 2018

Video lectures

This series of video lectures from College conferences and regional events helps members stay up to date on important clinical topics.

AMD Driving Falls Low vision
11 June 2018

Your patient, their health course

Your patient, their health can help improve your knowledge and skills in managing public health issues that affect your patients: dementia, falls and depression (1 non-interactive CET point).

Cataract Dementia Falls Public health CET 1
Falls Low vision
24 January 2017

DOCET - The ageing eye: Vision and falls

DOCET video. In this programme, Professor Dave Elliot of the University of Bradford explains the important role optometrists can play in helping to prevent falls in older patients.

Falls Low vision
23 January 2017

Focus on falls

Falls Public health
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