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Looking at the link between poor vision and falls, and possible interventions.

We have responded to a green paper on prevention public from the Department of Health and Social Care.

The College provides the latest news, research, advice and guidance on falls, and all the key optical topics. These are regularly reviewed to ensure you are completely up-to-date with your practice.

Member briefing: We make recommendations on how falls teams could be supported in checking patients’ vision, and how we could support and encourage better connections between them and local optometrists.

New research has found links between the severity of visual impairment and the risk of dementia. Kathy Oxtoby asks: how can optometrists play a greater role in supporting patients with these conditions?

This review identifies risk factors and highlights the demographic and socioeconomic drives for falls reduction strategies.

The NFPCG have developed a suite of new resources to help reduce the incidence of falls related to vision-impairment in older people.

The College is committed to reducing vision-related falls. By working with UK falls services we can identify and support patients with failing vision. There are plenty of opportunities for members to get involved.

Lockdowns led to cancelled operations and check-ups. Becky McCall looks at the legacy of the pandemic for eye disease and sight loss, and the lessons that have been learned.

This article describes the relationship between visual impairment and dizziness and falls in older people.

We have responded to a Scottish Government consultation on Falls Prevention Strategy.

In each issue, Acuity poses a topical question to a panel of members.

As many people turned to DIY and gardening to occupy the months at home during lockdown, eye injuries predictably increased – with data suggesting a threefold rise in presentation to emergency eye care. Becky McCall asks how to best manage cases of eye injury.

A&E optometrists can see everything from DIY mishaps to domestic violence in a day's work, writes Steve Smethurst.

Rima Evans looks at the work of those offering practical support and rehabilitation for people with visual impairment