Binocular vision

Maajid is a locum who's taken on a new role at a practice where a vital piece of equipment is not working and will not be replaced for several months. What should he do?

Adrian O'Dowd looks at researchers' efforts to treat fading accommodation more effectively now and in the future.

Prashant Shah MCOptom PGDipOphth DipClinOptom on the differential diagnosis of OMG when patients present with diplopia or ophthalmoplegia and an existing autoimmune condition.

Domiciliary optometrists require flexibility, adaptability and good communication with vulnerable patients, writes Léa Surugue.

Kim Thomas looks at the genesis of the eye and the rich variety of optical systems in the animal kingdom.

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Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom is a director of two thriving independent practices, an HES orthoptist and optometrist, and a charity eye care provider in Kenya.

Podcast: Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom replies to the member questions there wasn't enough time to answer during his recent webinar on the diagnosis of binocular vision anomalies.

Podcast: Daniel talks to Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom about the difference between orthoptics and optometry, how the two approaches work, differences in prescribing prisms, and much more.

A clinical perspective on recent developments in the field of Infantile nystagmus (IN).

Is convergence insufficiency (CI) diagnosed with too few clinical signs? Is management is too basic?