Binocular vision

In each issue, Acuity poses a topical question to a panel of members.

Clinical files: Patient diagnosed with bilateral glaucoma with a visual field defect, do they need to notify the DVLA (or DVA)?

Dr Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom covers some practical advice for optometrists to help regain confidence in binocular vision, which may have been affected by the altered ways of working during the pandemic.

Online CPD courses for optometrists on the topic of binocular vision.

This recorded webinar by Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom will help you diagnose binocular vision anomalies and identify those that can be treated by an optometrist, those that need referral or do not require treatment.

This online CPD course will provide you with an understanding of different techniques that can be used to assess the vision of very young children and children with learning disabilities.

This recorded webinar by Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom gives you an overview of the anatomy of the cranial nerves involved in ocular motility and their surrounding structures, and will show how the common causes of nerve palsy arise.

In this recorded lecture, Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom highlights the role of practitioners in providing eye care for children and aims to improve members' confidence in managing these cases whilst stressing the need for practitioners to be aware of their limitations.

Podcast: Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom answers all those questions there wasn't time to cover during his webinar on binocular vision.