My career in orthoptics and optometry

30 April 2020
Spring 2020

Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom is a director of two thriving independent practices, an HES orthoptist and optometrist, and a charity eye care provider in Kenya.

The career path of Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom was hardly straightforward. “It was long and expensive,” Simon laughs. “From about the age of 10 or 11, I knew I was always going to do something medical. Then the first job I had was working as a lab assistant at University College Hospital in London. My roles ranged from getting the milk and taking lab coats to the laundry to preparing blood slides for haematologists to review the white cell count, and irradiating bone marrow samples for transplantation. Much of the job was setting up blood samples for further tests by more qualified people or machines.

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