Contact lenses

Contact lens usage now and in the past

The three main rigid gas-permeable contact lens-fitting philosophies used for keratoconus: apical touch, apical clearance and three-point touch.

Despite these potential benefits, orthokeratology is often perceived to be an advanced clinical technique only to be attempted by specialists.

Contact lens wettability is an important issue for patients and practitioners has an impact on comfort and visual performance.

The aim of this brief guide, written jointly with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, is to highlight some of the issues that may occur when working in community practice compared with a hospital setting.

The importance and benefits of rigid gas-permeable lenses for quality of vision, ocular health and a decreased rate of myopic progression are well established.

Current practitioner-reported attitudes and behaviours relating to contact lens use among children and young people in the UK.

Introduction  While consumers claim to be aware of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and its implications, few understand the impact on eyes

Contact lens practitioners need to be able to fit the appropriate lens type for each condition.

This review article describes a new generation of RGP lenses that aim to give the comfort of a soft lens with the vision of an RGP.

This edition of OIP includes articles on RGP lenses, OCT and clinical governance

This article aims to help practitioners understand better the products they are providing.