Contact lenses

A College-accredited higher qualification will equip you for new challenges and responsibilities, and support your continuing professional development and career progression.

In response to requests from our Members, the College has designed a sample contact lens specification form which Members may like to use for their patients.

ADVERTISEMENT: Find out how Johnson & Johnson are taking care of the planet, while still demanding excellence in vision and comfort from their contact lenses.

ADVERTISEMENT: Kate Stockwell, Head of Marketing – Vision Care at Johnson & Johnson explains the company’s commitment to creating a world where vision is made possible for everyone.

Patients will be paid £25 per session and all travel expenses will be reimbursed.

These are designed to support providers in developing qualifications to meet the GOC’s Education and Training Requirements for therapeutic prescribing contact lens specialisms.

This online therapeutics peer review session is open to College members who are qualified independent prescribers or studying for an IP qualification.

This BCLA evidence-based research session will showcase the outcomes of some of the best clinical research in the area of anterior eye and contact lenses.

This session will explore soft custom contact lenses and includes a practical element.

This discussion workshop aims to address the unique demands of the ageing population in comparison to conventional patients seeking assistance from ECP's.

This session will provide an overview as to when and how contact lenses can be used in the management of ocular pathology.