Public health

We meet Simon Berry MCOptom, a dynamic optometrist whose innovations range from equipment to assess people with learning disabilities to scanning moths’ eyes.

Myopia case numbers are rising and treatment options vary, but are optometrists keeping an open mind on its causes and management? Adrian O’Dowd investigates.

A common cause of sight loss in the UK, uncorrected refractive error is easy to remedy, particularly if caught early. So, Kim Thomas asks, why do so many people live with uncorrected refractive error – and what can optometrists do to address it?

Is the “reduce, reuse, recycle” trope realistic when it comes to optical products? Kaye McIntosh explores some of the ways in which manufacturers are reducing their footprint while equipping optometrists with the products essential to their business.

How do clinicians choose between generic and branded drugs, balancing the need for patient safety against cost? Kathy Oxtoby takes a look.

The latest picture of vision impairment across the world.

It’s crucial to show empathy towards patients who are visually impaired. Kellie Smith explores how clinicians can get it right.

Three optometrists talk about the skills and experience needed to become an effective supervisor.

Our Clinical Adviser, Denise Voon MCOptom, tells us how we can take part in the nationwide volunteering initiative, The Big Help Out.

The College is supporting a major new road safety campaign called ‘Is Your Vision Roadworthy’.

College President Professor Leon Davies FCOptom represented the College at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Eye Health and Visual Impairment this week.

The podcast episode features a woman with the neurodegenerative condition affecting visual processing and perception.