Case study: management of idiopathic intracranial hypertension

1 February 2024
Winter 2024

Sean Matthews MCOptom describes a patient attending his Northampton practice who demonstrated how this relatively rare chronic condition requires management within secondary care to prevent permanent loss of vision.


A 34-year-old female patient attended our practice, Sheinman Opticians, in November 2022. She had been booked in for an eye examination as she had become aware of increasing photopsia, mainly in bed at night, twice a week for around one month. She had also noticed a “circle” in her vision, in the inferotemporal part of her visual field, for about two weeks.

Case history

RE: -6.25/-0.75×95 VA 6/6 ( 0.5 prism dioptres, base up).

LE: -4.75/-1.50×85 VA 6/6.

Near addition: +0.50DS binocular near VA N4 @40cm.

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