EyePod: The optometry podcast

Our thought-provoking podcasts are a great way to explore your profession and the fascinating world of vision and eye care, discover new ideas and research, and learn from others’ experiences. 

Podcast: Find out about Dr Joanne Wood's latest research on how “Refractive Blur Affects Judgement of Pedestrian Walking Direction at Night” and our latest campaign - Focus on Life.

Podcast: Daniel talks to Michelle Hanratty MCOptom Dip Tp(IP) on how to decide what is best for your patient.

Podcast: Martin discusses eye-related issues to look out for in newborns with Dr Gill Adams and Daniel speaks with Mental Health Counsellor, David Beeney.

Podcast: We ask Dr Rowan Candy questions there wasn't time to cover during her keynote lecture on young children who are at risk for strabismus and amblyopia.

Podcast: In this episode of WebinarXtra, Daniel catches up with Dr Benjamin Wakerley to answer questions there just wasn't time to cover during the live event.

Podcast: Dr Dan Rosser MCOptom answers questions there wasn't time to cover during his live webinar on two common laser interventions for glaucoma and related conditions.

Podcast: We ask Rhys Harrison all those questions there wasn't time to cover during his live webinar on how optometrists can identify patients requiring urgent referral.

Podcast: Clinical advisers answer questions there wasn't time to cover during their webinar, which discussed recent changes to the Guidance for Professional Practice and how this will affect you in practice.

Podcast: Sophie Hinton MCOptom speaks to Dr Rani Banik, New York neuro-ophthalmologist, and functional medicine MD, about the role of nutrition in eye care.

Podcast: The College hosted a webinar in January 2021 with a panel of representatives from The College, ABDO,AOP, FODO and GOC, answering questions from practitioners on the national lockdown.

Podcast: Having recently stepped down from her role after nearly 20 years as The College's Clinical Adviser, Dr Susan Blakeney FCOptom takes a historical trip down memory lane with our Museum Curator, Neil Handley.

Podcast: Choroidal naevi can be difficult to distinguish from melanomas, which means that many patients with benign tumours are referred to hospital eye clinics while urgent treatment of those with melanoma is delayed.

Podcast: Daniel talks to Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom DipTp(IP) who answers all those questions there wasn't time to cover during his popular webinar on ocular motility.

Podcast: Martin and Daniel bring you a fascinating conversation with Judith Potts, Founder of Esme's Umbrella, and Nina Chesworth who lives with Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

Podcast: Martin speaks to Malcolm McPherson MCOptom about managing corneal foreign bodies.