Podcast season


EyePod: The optometry podcast

Our thought-provoking podcasts are a great way to explore your profession and the fascinating world of vision and eye care, discover new ideas and research, and learn from others’ experiences. 

Podcast: In the first of a series of 'takeover' episodes, Dr Parth Shah MCOptom talks to Kush Mandavia MCOptom about how to take care of our own wellbeing.

Podcast: In this episode of WebinarXtra, Daniel talks to Kate Powell MCOptom, who answers questions from her recent webinar on diabetic retinopathy.

Podcast: Professor Bernard Gilmartin FCOptom has very severe macular degeneration which has resulted in a dramatic loss of vision in one eye and threatens the vision in his other.

Podcast: This month we talk to the inspirational Professor Shahina Pardhan - the first female Professor of Optometry in the UK.

Podcast: We talk to Dr Jonathan Denniss MCOptom who discusses the strengths and limitations of using OCT for glaucoma diagnosis and gives practical advice on how OCT can be used by optometrists.

Podcast: Following on from London Fashion week, Neil Handley, Curator of the College Museum, discusses the history of spectacles with Daniel, exploring their unique status as a medical device and fashion accessory.

Podcast: Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom replies to the member questions there wasn't enough time to answer during his recent webinar on the diagnosis of binocular vision anomalies.

Podcast: Optometrist and researcher Jasleen Kaur Jolly MCOptom talks to Martin about how she got into research, imposter syndrome, how gene therapy works, which conditions are closer to being treated with gene therapy and what that means for optometrists, as well as the brain and the eye.

Podcast: In this episode, Daniel talks to Adam Wannell MCOptom about glaucoma decision making.

Podcast: Dr Vijay Anand MCOptom talks about his co-authored paper Keratoconus and cross-linking, including his experience with the condition; the development of new patient pathways; and the role of artificial intelligence.

Podcast: Polly Dully MCOptom answers all those additional questions from her webinar where she advised members on how to interpret OCT results of several patients with common ocular pathologies, and how to differentiate normal from abnormal.

Podcast: We talk to Dr Nicola Logan MCOptom about myopia management for our first ever WebinarXtra - where we answer questions there wasn't time to cover during our live webinar.

Podcast: We talk to Dr Susie Jones MCOptom, about her top tips for optometrists thinking about offering myopia management, advice on managing patients’ expectations, and much more.

Podcast: Daniel talks to Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom about the difference between orthoptics and optometry, how the two approaches work, differences in prescribing prisms, and much more.

Podcast: We talk to Professor Jeremy Guggenheim MCOptom about genetic, or genomic testing, and whether we could use the same method to predict myopia.