EyePod: The optometry podcast

Our thought-provoking podcasts are a great way to explore your profession and the fascinating world of vision and eye care, discover new ideas and research, and learn from others’ experiences. 

Podcast: Martin talks to Professor Chris Hammond and Professor Kathryn Saunders FCOptom about all things myopia. They discuss current evidence and how patients can be guided through their treatment options.

Podcast: Dr Paramdeep Singh Bilkhu MCOptom talks about why allergic conjunctivitis is likely to be underdiagnosed; how to choose the best medication for your patients; and much more.

Podcast: Martin speaks to Patrick "Paddy" Gunn, Principal Optometrist for Education and Training at The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, about life in the hospital, glaucoma referral research and education and training.

Podcast: Martin talks to Professor Pete Coffey about the 'London Project to cure Blindness'.

Podcast: Martin and Daniel talk to Dr Deanna Taylor MCOptom about her research looking at age-related macular degeneration through patients' eyes in The College of Optometrists' pilot podcast.