Ocular changes during pregnancy (C-100449)

20 December 2021
Volume 22, Issue 4

This literature review provides an overview of the ocular changes that can occur during pregnancy.

Domains covered

Professionalism Communication

Pregnancy results in various changes to all systems within the body, including the visual system. During pregnancy, several physiological changes can occur within the eye, such as changes to the corneal morphology, dry-eye disease and a reduction in intraocular pressure. Pathological ocular conditions may also occur during pregnancy, due to pre-existing disease or new disease. Diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma can progress during pregnancy and the development of diseases such as pre-eclampsia can cause retinal detachments and cortical blindness. It is, therefore, important that ocular diseases are identified and managed effectively during pregnancy, to ensure healthy development of the baby and the mother’s well-being. 

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