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Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, College Clinical Adviser, presents key information and scenarios on consent.

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Kam Balaggan, gives an online presentation focusing on the risk factors of retinal detachment and PVD, as well as the systematic approach to the assessment and management of the patient who presents with flashes and floaters.

This recorded webinar by Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom gives you an overview of the anatomy of the cranial nerves involved in ocular motility and their surrounding structures, and will show how the common causes of nerve palsy arise.

In this recorded webinar lecture Wendy Newsom covers all aspects of how to communicate effectively when referring a patient.

In this recorded webinar, consultant ophthalmologist, Damian Lake, discusses the key points of keratoconus for optometrists.

In this recorded webinar, Dr Dan Rosser MCOptom describes two common laser interventions for glaucoma and related conditions: laser peripheral iridotomy and selective laser trabeculoplasty.

Leon Au covers the latest on glaucoma in this three part video which presents treatments, therapies and surgery techniques.

This recorded webinar by Paddy Gunn offers a series of challenging cases from patients seen in the glaucoma service at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

In this recorded webinar by Kate Powell MCOptom you will learn how to recognise the features of diabetic retinopathy and how to manage patients.

This recorded keynote lecture by Dr Rowan Candy MCOptom focused on young children who are at risk for strabismus and amblyopia. Dr Candy reviews the refractive and ocular motor development of infants and pre-schoolers in the context of clinical assessment and care.

In this recorded lecture, Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom highlights the role of practitioners in providing eye care for children and aims to improve members' confidence in managing these cases whilst stressing the need for practitioners to be aware of their limitations.

This recorded webinar presented by Kam Balaggan, covers essential ocular anatomy and OCT interpretation, focusing on the salient clinical and OCT features of all common vitreomacular disorders.