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HES experience for pre-registration trainees - low vision: 28 November 2024

Virtual session

The virtual Hospital Eye Service experience replaces the in-person experience pre-registration trainees would normally have gained in a hospital setting, which for many is not currently possible due to ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note, this session is open to pre-registration trainee College members only.

About the event

In order to complete Stage One on the Scheme for Registration and progress, pre-registration trainees need to have completed all nine elements of the virtual Hospital Eye Service experience

A key element of the Hospital Eye Service experience is an interactive group half-day session on low vision. Here, trainees will observe and critique a virtual low vision assessment for two different patients, and attend a discussion session run by a specialist optometrist in low vision.

Please note, it is advised that trainees will gain more from the course if attending an HES Low Vision session after completing Visit Two in Stage One of the Scheme for Registration.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Bookings for this session will close one hour before the session start time.

The remaining eight parts of the virtual Hospital Eye Service experience include courses on glaucoma, paediatrics and contact lenses. These are already available for trainees to complete. The certificate gained on the completion of the paediatric module can be used as evidence for 7.1.4 instead of a WT or PR.

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