Fees and payments

Fee information for all assessments and examinations run by the College. This includes the Scheme for Registration, Independent Prescribing, appeals, and the Tier 5 GAE visa. Make a payment online.

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Scheme for Registration

Enrolment fee

The total fee of £3,980 includes:

  • up to four Stage 1 work-based assessment visits
  • one Stage 2 work-based assessment visit
  • one attempt at the Final Assessment.

The fee can be paid in one instalment or in two instalments: £1,300 on initial enrolment in the summer with the balance of £2,680 due within 90 days of enrolment.

Please note that there is a £50 charge for late payment. All outstanding fees must be paid before the trainee is permitted to sit the OSCE.


Fees for additional/missed assessments 

Stage 1

  • Additional visits beyond visit four  - £260 each.
  • Missed or cancelled visits - £260 each.

Stage 2 

  • Additional visits - not involving patients - £270 each.
  • Additional visits - involving patients - £450 each. 
  • Missed or cancelled visits -not involving patients - £270 each (£135 if cancelled one week or more before the assessment).
  • Missed or cancelled visits - involving patients - £450 each (£225 if cancelled one week or more before the assessment).

In the unlikely event of a mystery patient not turning up for a Stage 2 resit assessment, with a stand-in patient from the practice being used, the trainee will be charged a discounted fee for their next resit, if one is required. 

Final assessment

  • Final assessment/OSCE resit - £620.
  • Requests for examiner marksheets - £10.

Independent Prescribing

  • Common Final Assessment in Independent Prescribing examination fee - £425.


  • Submitting an appeal to the Examinations Panel - £100.
  • Resubmitting an appeal to the Appeals Panel - £100.

Tier 5 GAE visa

  • Certificate of sponsorship fee - £550.

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