Contact lenses

This workshop will briefly outline the theory and application of scleral and hybrid contact lenses and their place in the continuum of contact lens care for those with irregular corneas.

This workshop will briefly outline the principles underpinning corneal RGP fitting in keratoconus followed by a practical focus on how to achieve an optimal fit.

This workshop will discuss the EDOF optics of multifocal designs and then demonstrate how to successfully fit a design using patented catenary optics.

This lecture looks at data evaluating the myopia progression of children and young adults in studies wearing commercially available, soft multifocal contact lens designs.

This lecture will question traditional thinking regarding methods used to improve the fit of a scleral lens and will share case study examples.

This fast-paced, station-based discussion workshop will task practitioners to uncover some of the key factors influencing true contact lens wearer satisfaction.

Work with your teammates to tackle questions designed to test your trivia, upgrade your facts, and enhance your multifocal contact lens troubleshooting skills.

This workshop will explore all the options to correct presbyopia, including contact lens designs and materials, and share tips to improve how presbyopes are questioned and advised.

This lecture will explore from research the current situation with our contact lens wearers, discussing with the ECPs the possible reasons our current drop-out rate isn't changing.

This session will explore the concept of comfortable vision for toric wearers, assessing their current needs and if we are currently meeting them.

Clinical excellence is taken as a given when catering for contact lens patients, but does this also apply to the customer service aspect?

This workshop aims to shift the focus of contact lens selection from eye care professional lens preferences to a patient-centric approach based on individual needs.