Contact lenses

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Here we summarise three research papers from a recent issue of Optometry in Practice.

Clinical editor Jane Veys on the change from CET to CPD.

The IACLE Contact Lens Educator of the Year has a great love for research and teaching contact lenses and dry eye disease.

Clinical files: Should I refuse to provide ongoing care to a person who has poor contact lens compliance?

Our Editor in Chief, Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, looks back at what's been another challenging year.

This article describes the origins and implementation of a gradual build-up to a maximum wear time for soft contact lenses, along with new evidence demonstrating the potential for change.

A new series of global consensus reports provides guidance on evidence-based practice for all aspects of prescribing and fitting contact lenses. Sophie Goodchild looks at how this could change the patient journey.

How the pandemic has created new trends in contact lens wear and compliance.

This Halloween we're urging the public to think about their eye health.

College research shows that almost 60% of those dressing up will consider wearing novelty contact lenses.