With nominations deadline for the Research Excellence Awards fast approaching, we’re talking to previous winners about the outstanding research happening in optometry, optics and vision science.

Podcast: Daniel catches up with Angela Whitaker MCOptom following her webinar where she presented case studies from glaucoma clinical practice patients who have been diagnosed and managed by optometrists.

Develop your glaucoma decision-making and management skills with our CET and CPD

Podcast: We talk to Dr Jonathan Denniss MCOptom who discusses the strengths and limitations of using OCT for glaucoma diagnosis and gives practical advice on how OCT can be used by optometrists.

This article outlines how optical coherence tomography (OCT) can be used to detect and diagnose glaucoma.

We have responded to the The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch’s investigation on the “Lack of timely monitoring of patients with glaucoma”.

Podcast: In this episode, Daniel talks to Adam Wannell MCOptom about glaucoma decision making.

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Podcast: Martin speaks to Patrick "Paddy" Gunn, Principal Optometrist for Education and Training at The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, about life in the hospital, glaucoma referral research and education and training.

Graham Clews reports on the potential impact of SLT, as a study finds it could reduce the need for traditional treatments for glaucoma or ocular hypertension.