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This recorded webinar lecture examines the epidemiology, presentation, diagnosis, management and long term outlook for eye allergic disease of all severities.

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Clinical files: Is it appropriate for me to treat steroid-related rises in IOP where the steroid was originally used for managing anterior uveitis, even though I do not have any additional glaucoma qualifications?

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Jane Veys MCOptom on reducing the tears and fears of our patients

Independent prescribing

Improve your skills and knowledge in diagnosis and patient management on this online CPD course for independent prescribing optometrists.

This updated online CPD course covers a range of IP cases and is designed to improve your knowledge and skills in diagnosing, treating and managing patients.

You will be given four different patient cases covering a range of pathologies, including cataract post-surgery and contact lens wearers. This online CPD course aims to improve your skills and knowledge in patient management.

In this online CPD course for optometrists you will be given the background to four patients and will complete a series of activities related to each case.

Clinical files: Can I supply prescription only medicines to my patients from my practice?

We are looking for an IP qualified hospital optometrist and ophthalmic pharmacist to join our Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs) review group to ensure that they are up-to-date, evidence based and accessible.

Clinical files: As an IP optometrist, am I able to prescribe medicines for family members who attend the practice with an acute eye condition?

There are plenty of evidence-based resources to draw on, writes Dr Paramdeep Bilkhu MCOptom, Clinical Adviser for the College.