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This recorded webinar lecture examines the epidemiology, presentation, diagnosis, management and long term outlook for eye allergic disease of all severities.

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Clinical files: Can I prescribe medicines for intravitreal injection for the management of wet AMD patients?

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Jane Veys MCOptom on reducing the tears and fears of our patients

Independent prescribing

There are plenty of evidence-based resources to draw on, writes Dr Paramdeep Bilkhu MCOptom, Clinical Adviser for the College.

Independent prescribers can now get the support to expand their prescribing scope of practice.

Sharon Beatty MCOptom explains how the development of an innovative clinical model in Cardiff and south-east Wales is improving eye care services for all stakeholders.

There are plenty of ways that we can help you develop your career, whatever your job role, experience or professional and personal goals.

Clinical files: As an IP optometrist can I prescribe medicine is not listed in the College’s Optometrists Formulary?

Frank Munro FCOptom, GOC Scottish Registrar, on how optometrists have increased their relevance, influence and capabilities in Scotland and beyond.

Clinical files: As a non-prescribing optometrist how can I supply chloramphenicol to my patient for prophylaxis?