Independent prescribing

Registered independent prescribers will be able to sign off individual clinical practice placement sessions for IP trainees.

Clinical files: Should I prescribe chloramphenicol for children under two years old

The GOC opens consultation on proposed changes to its requirements for education and training in independent prescribing.

MHRA agrees with the College view that chloramphenicol eye drops can be safely administered to children aged 0 to 2 years, where antibiotic eye drop treatment is indicated.

Additional guidance for members with an independent prescribing qualification.

Use our online resources and materials to support your continuing professional development and earn essential CPD points.

Clinical files: I am keen to start offering my patients a myopia management intervention using atropine. Can I prescribe 0.01% atropine?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe a prescription-only medicine based on my findings and working diagnosis from a remote consultation?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe medication for a different use than it is licensed for?

We responded to a Royal Pharmaceutical Society consultation on a competency framework for all prescribers.

The processes around issuing prescriptions can be confusing. Steve Smethurst asks: what’s required from independent prescribers and what differences divide the UK’s four nations?

This week, the GOC agreed to the College’s proposal for a more flexible approach to meeting logbook requirements for optometrists training to be independent prescribers.