Independent prescribing

We speak to Professor John Lawrenson FCOptom about his role authoring and reviewing the College’s Clinical Management Guidelines.

Which elements are key to the process of shared decision-making between clinician and patient? Georgina Wintersgill reports.

Léa Surugue looks at the dynamic expansion of next-generation artificial tears, and asks what other tailored products are emerging.

Georgina Wintersgill asks what optometrists should consider when seeing pregnant women.

Anna Scott asks why so many optometrists are opting for a portfolio career.

AI is pushing the boundaries of diagnosis, but are we on the verge of an antimicrobial dark age?

The eye is second only to the liver as the most common site to be affected by drug toxicity.

Independent prescribing optometrists can establish a diagnosis and determine clinical management, providing better care to patients, writes Georgina Wintersgill