Clinical files

Clinical files: Do I need to wear a face mask in the staff room?

Clinical files: Can my visually impaired patient get TV licence support?

Clinical files: How can I safely use a visual field machine during the recovery phase of the pandemic?

Clinical files: A patient refuses to wear a face covering when attending a primary care practice for a sight test. What should I do?

Clinical files: What should I do if a patient phones the practice noticing flashes and/or floaters?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe a prescription-only medicine based on my findings and working diagnosis from a remote consultation?

Clinical files: Should I measure intra-ocular pressure pre and post dilation on every patient that I perform a dilation on?

Clinical files: Can I see a patient for a sight test before they are due for a routine examination?

Clinical files: The local glaucoma service called the practice and requested a patient’s historic intraocular pressure results. Can I give these out over the phone?

Clinical files: I am keen to start offering my patients a myopia management intervention using atropine. Can I prescribe 0.01% atropine?

Clinical files: My patient is overwearing their contact lenses and refusing spectacles. What should I do?

Clinical files: A patient with a family history of glaucoma refuses to let you look inside her eyes, despite needing a new pair of glasses. What should you do?