Clinical files

Clinical Files: Do I need to complete a new eye examination every time I complete a report or occupational form?

Clinical files: As an IP optometrist can I prescribe medicine is not listed in the College’s Optometrists Formulary?

Clinical files: Should I refuse to provide ongoing care to a person who has poor contact lens compliance?

Clinical files: A patient has made an offensive comment to an optometrist colleague, am I now obliged to see them for their sight test?

Clinical files: Should I perform a dilated assessment on a person during pregnancy?

Clinical files: As a non-prescribing optometrist how can I supply chloramphenicol to my patient for prophylaxis?

Clinical files: How should I assess whether a patient has the capacity to consent?

Clinical files: Should I prescribe chloramphenicol for children under two years old

Clinical files: Can I supply contact lenses to an expired specification when a person is anxious about visiting the ophthalmic practice due to COVID-19?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe medication for a different use than it is licensed for?

Clinical files: Am I allowed share anonymised OCT and fundus images on professional forums and WhatsApp groups, and what level of patient consent is required?

Clinical files: Do I need to follow-up on patients with posterior vitreous detachment?