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Our Clinical Advisers are here to help you with the professional, clinical and ethical issues that you may encounter every day in practice. We share queries, based on the ones our Clinical Advisers have received, for you to use to challenge your knowledge and skills.

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July 2019: IOP measurements

I have been told to perform IOP measurement on all patients under 16. What should I do?

June 2019: A dispensing enquiry

Dispensing enquiry: What would you do?

May 2019: Urgency of referral

I think my patient has keratitis. How quickly should I refer them?

April 2019: Confidentiality and driving

My elderly patient may attempt suicide after finding out they no longer meet the driving vision standard, what should I do?

March 2019: Contact lens supply

A patient misses an aftercare appointment but urgently needs contact lenses while overseas, what should you do?

February 2019: Refusal of treatment

A patient refuses treatment, what should you do?

January 2019: An abusive patient

You have an abusive patient, what should you do?

December 2018: Parental consent

Can you carry out a sight test without parental consent?