To enrol as a trainee, you must

  • have one of the following qualifications:
    • a degree in optometry of at least 2.2. standard from an institution whose course is approved by the GOC for direct entry to pre-registration training completed within the last two years
    • be currently enrolled on a GOC approved integrated Masters course
    • have successfully completed the Optometry Progression Scheme or Career Progression Scheme
    • have permission from the GOC to enrol on the Scheme for Registration as a non-EEA optometrist
    • Trainees who are re-starting the programme must re-start the Scheme for Registration within two years’ of their last clinical session or visit as recorded on the Scheme for Registration database.

You must also

  • be on the GOC Student Register, and remain on the register throughout your Scheme for Registration training.
  • have a Certificate of Clinical Competence. Normally a Certificate of Clinical Competence will be awarded to all trainees who graduate with a 2.2 grade or above or who have completed the required modules of an integrated Masters course.
  • know the email address and GOC number of your principal supervisor(s). For information on supervision requirements on the Scheme, see our page on supervision.
  • know who will be paying your Scheme for Registration fee. More information on Scheme fees.