Applying and preparing for the OSCE

Applying for the OSCE

Your assessor will inform us when you pass Stage Two. You will then receive an email with a link to the OSCE application form. Application deadlines for each OSCE are published along with the OSCE dates. You must ensure you have submitted your application and settled outstanding fees or you will be unable to sit the exam.

You will receive your OSCE timetable and instructions around two weeks before the exam.

Photo ID

You need to provide a valid driving license or passport number on your application form and bring the same ID to the exam. No other ID will be accepted. You will not be able to sit the OSCE without acceptable ID.


Your first attempt at the OSCE is included in the enrolment fee. There are fees for subsequent re-sit attempts.

What to bring to the OSCE

You should bring:

  • PPE in the form of a Type IIR mask
  • A retinoscope
  • An ophthalmoscope
  • The passport/driving license you gave a number for in your application.

You will not be allowed to bring any other equipment into the OSCE.

Ahead of the OSCE, you will be sent a briefing video that you must watch before attending.

On the day of the OSCE

You will:

  • Sign in at the exam centre at a pre-allocated time. Apart from the equipment outlined above, you will not be allowed to take anything into the exam, including phones, which will be locked away.
  • Be given a name badge which you must wear at all times.

The exam

You will be shown to your starting station, and after one minute, you will be told to enter.

There will be a 30 second warning before the end of each station. If you finish before time is called, remain in your station until you are told to move. If you have not finished, move on regardless.

There may be cameras in stations to allow observers to watch remotely. These will not record the exam, and will not be reviewed afterwards.

Some stations will have two examiners. This is part of our quality assurance process.

When the exam finishes, you will be taken to get your belongings before leaving the building.

Preparing for the OSCE