What is Stage One?

An overview of Stage One - the first part of the Scheme's work-based assessment.

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During Stage One, you will be assessed on 75 competencies over at least three visits. You can download a list of these competencies below.

Two visits will be remote, and at least one will be face-to-face in your practice.

Visit one will happen around six weeks into the Scheme, and you’ll be assessed on 12 competencies. Visit two usually happens after four months, and visit three after around six months.

You are likely to need a fourth visit to complete Stage One. This could be either remote or face-to-face.

We can also arrange additional visits beyond visit four, if you need them. For each additional visit there is a fee. Your Stage One assessor will let you know if you will need an additional visit.

To complete Stage One, you'll need to:

  • achieve all 75 competencies.
  • complete the virtual Hospital Eye Service experience or a hospital placement, if you are based in community practice,
  • complete the 520 patient encounters in your logbook (if you enrolled on the Scheme before 1 September 2020, you need to have completed 350 refractions, 200 dispenses and 30 contact lens episodes),
  • complete your reflective learning portfolio (this is not required for trainees who enrolled on the Scheme before 1 September 2020).