Your OSCE results

Guidance on receiving and interpreting your OSCE results

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Your results will be published on a secure section of our website. You will receive a link to the page before results day – make sure you have your login details to hand.

The results of the latest OSCE are available here.

You’ll receive confirmation of your results in the post within two working days of them appearing on the website. This will include a breakdown of your individual station marks and your next steps. Make sure your postal address is up-to-date on our website.

After your results


If you pass, apply for registration with the GOC and get a full College membership. Application forms for these will be included with your results letter. Until you receive your new GOC number as a qualified member, you can only perform the same supervised duties as you did while under pre-reg supervision.


If you fail, you can book a place at the next OSCE. You need to complete the Scheme within two years and three months of enrolling, or have passed by your fourth attempt at OSCE, whichever happens first.

Appeals and complaints

If you believe that there were irregularities in the conduct of the OSCE, you can appeal. If you want to complain about the exam, follow the steps outlined in the complaints procedure.