Scheme for Registration Terms and Conditions

You are accepting to abide by these Terms and Conditions throughout your pre-registration training. Accepting these means you undertake to comply with the regulations governing the Scheme for Registration.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that:

  1. We may store the information you provide in connection with your application where appropriate and use it to:
    • Process and maintain your enrolment
    • Compile statistics and undertake research
    • Keep you informed about the College of Optometrists and the pre-registration period, including guidance on the work-based assessments and the OSCE
  2. The College may also share the information with the General Optical Council. 
  3. In order to facilitate the timely payment of the pre-registration training supervision grants, the College of Optometrists will share with NHS England the name, GOC number, training start date and practice address for pre-registration trainees and the name, GOC number and practice address for trainees' supervisors. This information will be shared once a year on an annual basis. The purpose of this information sharing with NHS England is solely to support the payment of pre-registration training supervision grants.
  4. If you are applying to start your pre-registration training in the next year's cohort (i.e. after 1st June), the fee you are charged for your training may be subject to change once future fees have been confirmed.
  5. The information you have provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you undertake to comply with the regulations governing the Scheme for Registration.