Stage One: work-based assessment

Stage One consists of scheduled assessment visits, where trainees are observed carrying out day-to-day tasks and assessed on various competences.

In this section

An overview of Stage One - the first part of the Scheme's work-based assessment.

Your guide to the types of evidence you will need for your Stage One visits.

Make sure you're ready for your Stage One visits with our checklist.

Guidance on the visit one assessment.

Guidance on visit two, which will take place remotely, about three months after visit one.

Guidance on the visit three face-to-face assessment.

Guidance on the visit four assessment, which will take place if you have any outstanding competencies.

How to change or cancel a Stage One visit.

Guidance on signing off any outstanding competencies or patient episodes from your university course.

Pre-reg trainees can find out more about their hospital placement and download the HES logbook.

All the documents you need during Stage One of the Scheme for Registration.