Outstanding university competencies

If you have any outstanding GOC Stage One core competencies or patient episodes from your university course, you will need to have these signed off by your supervisor during Stage One of the Scheme for Registration. 

Your university would have given you information on your outstanding competencies (if you have any) when you graduated. If you do not have this information, contact your university and ask them to provide it for you. If they are unable, please contact us.

Sign-off process 

To have these competencies and episodes signed off, your supervisor will need to see evidence of you meeting the competency or the patient episode during Stage One of the Scheme.

You can use the same evidence that you use for meeting Scheme competencies and patient encounters.

One your supervisor can confirm that you have met the competency or patient episode, you and your supervisor should complete the outstanding competencies form, and, once all of your outstanding competencies and patient episodes have been completed, send it to education.help@college-optometrists.org.

Why are trainees able to sign off university competencies during the Scheme this year? 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruption to university study. The GOC has therefore approved arrangements for individual optometry graduates to carry over a small number of GOC Stage One core competencies or patient episodes to the Scheme.  

The arrangements: 

  • Recognise the impact of the pandemic on optometry students.
  • Address the disruption to trainees’ fulfilment of some GOC Stage One requirements.
  • Support individuals’ safe progression towards full registration as an optometrist.