Visit one

Your first visit will be around six weeks after you enrol on the Scheme.

The visit will last up to two hours, and will take place remotely.
During this visit, your assessor will:

  • assess 12 competencies (visit one framework) by reviewing your evidence and asking you questions
  • check how you have completed your logbook and reflective learning portfolio so far
  • ensure you and your supervisor are clear on your roles and on preparation for future visits.

After your visit, you will receive your report and action plan. It will show which competencies you have achieved, not achieved and not been assessed on, and will include the evidence you need at your next visit.

You should discuss and put the plan into practice with your supervisor.

Visit one recommended patient encounter numbers

We suggest that you should have achieved a minimum of 30 patient encounters by visit one, made up of at least:

  • 10 refractions
  • 10 dispenses
  • 3 contact lenses (fits, aftercares or teaches).

These numbers are only for guidance. If you have not reached these numbers, your assessor will discuss this with you, either when planning, or during your visit.