Changing my supervision

Information about how to add a new supervisor, remove a previous supervisor from your record or what to do if you are changing practice.

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Adding a new supervisor

You can request to add a new supervisor to your record online. Simply fill in the online form.

Your new supervisor will then be emailed to accept you as a trainee. Once this is done, the College will carry out eligibility checks on you and your supervisor. We will email you to confirm the supervision arrangement when these checks have been completed.

Removing a previous supervisor

You can request to remove a supervisor from your record online. Simply click 'remove' in the Change my supervision section.

Make sure, though, that you have appropriate supervision arrangements in place when practising under supervision.


Changing practice

If you are changing your supervision arrangements because you are moving practice during your pre-registration training, you must change your supervisior as above but also let us know by completing the form below. We will email you to confirm we have updated your details.