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AMD Medical retina CET 1
24 January 2017

AMD: A bright vision for the future

This lecture looks at the classification and clinical presentation of wet and dry AMD to enable differential diagnosis and appropriate referral. Evidence for current treatment options is discussed along with current clinical research in the field and future treatment options.

AMD Medical retina
23 January 2017

AMD essential reading and learning

A range of useful and recommended articles, books and websites to help you read around the topic of macular degeneration.

AMD Medical retina
23 January 2017

Dietary interventions for AMD

This article summarises the Cochrane reviews on nutritional supplementation in AMD.

23 January 2017

Patient leaflets

Our popular information leaflets are available exclusively to our members -completely free of change, and help your patients to understand key topics and conditions such as ageing vision and blepharitis.

AMD Cataract Children Contact lenses Falls Glaucoma
23 January 2017


A Minor Eye Conditions Services (MECS) qualification enables you to manage your patients within a community setting. It's also the first step on the higher qualification ladder.

AMD Glaucoma Medical retina
10 February 2016

Macular supplements case study

You can discuss this case study in practice as part of your CET. Key questions and sample answers are included.

AMD Medical retina Public health
18 November 2014

Age-related macular degeneration: the optometrist's role in detection and management

The role of optometrist in the detection and management of AMD in the UK and Australia.

AMD Medical retina
09 October 2013

Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership: Setting Priorities for Eye Research Executive Summary

This project brought together patients, practitioners and other interested organisations to identify current priorities for optometric research.

AMD Cataract Children
21 November 2011

Online AMD research study for optometrists: current practice in Ireland and UK

Investigating current practice for managing and treating AMD in Ireland and the UK.

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