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From ocular allergy, through cosmetics and genetic disorders of the anterior eye, to driving without spectacle correction.

Incredible side-by-side photos show the true impact common eye conditions, such as cataracts and short-sightedness, have on obstructing drivers’ vision

Should you do a sight test to fill in a vocational form?

Dr David Robert Grimes looks at the eye health issues that are making the news.

Not only is 2020 the year of vision, but it also happens to be Optometry in Practice's 20 year anniversary. Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, looks back at key publications to see what's changed in that time.

The clinical figures that count

A snapshot of driver attitudes to requiring a vision check undertaken in a sample of 100 consecutive patients in optometry practice who held a driving licence.

Vision plays a vital role in driving, and as a driver it’s important that you ensure you have the best vision possible.

Here we summarise three research papers from a recent issue of Optometry in Practice.

This article describes a retrospective study examining factors associated with vision and health that contribute to road injury collisions.

The latest College advice and resources on driving and vision

Here we summarise three research papers from a recent issue of Optometry in Practice.

Guidance on current visual acuity standards for driving in the UK and advising patients on their fitness to drive.

The College has responded to a consultation on disclosing confidential information about patients.

Given that optometrists have a key role in ensuring their patients drive with their glasses, it is important to understand why patients choose not to drive with their best vision. This article provides a summary of a study addressing this key issue.

Take part in our latest research project in conjunction with the University of Warwick and the Department for Transport

The College's advice on checking your eyesight safely.

Our latest issue of Optometry in Practice looks at contributing factors to road traffic accidents

The College responds to DVLA's consultation on amending the Road Traffic Act 1988 to allow registered healthcare professionals to complete DVLA medical questionnaires.