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Should you examine young patients without a parent or carer present?

How much information should you disclose to young patients and their parents?

You think your patient needs bifocal/varifocal spectacles for your patient but he is insisting on monovision lenses. What do you prescribe?

What should you do if a patient refuses to have NCT done?

Should you accept gifts from your suppliers? And, if so, what can they expect in return?

What would you do about a patient who doesn't want you to keep any record of their sight test?

Should you do a sight test to fill in a vocational form?

Can you insist that NHS patients pay for an OCT scan?


If a patient complains, can you refuse to examine them?

You 'like' a post on social media and one of your patients disagrees with your reaction. What should you do?

You are concerned about another practitioner offering tests to predict patients more likely to develop dementia. What do you do?